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The FSBI newsletter, Spring 2015 (please note our contact details printed in the article are out of date).

SubSea magazine, autumn 2015.


“If you’ve ever wondered exactly what you’ve just caught, this book is essential”

“Great publication, easy to use, all interesting stuff and laid out well. I would like to spread the word”.

“This is a great book for modern times where we need to identify species at point of capture and before release. An important tool for all sports fishing charter skippers!”

“It is without doubt the best fish guide by a mile. Brilliant effort”.

“Just read the download on the Cod family; very informative”.

“I’ve been looking for this kind of book for years; always the fish of Western Europe, never strictly the UK”.

“… looks like an excellent resource for anyone interested in British fish and the marine environment”.

“All in all probably the best general resource available for identification of fish from this area”.

“The fish ID book is brilliant, the best I have ever used/seen … what a super approach to the topic”.

” probably the most comprehensive book of its kind available … if one has any interest in fishes at all, it is difficult to stop turning the pages once started”. 

“This is a major reference work for the modern day and will appeal to anglers, naturalists and professional fish biologists alike, as well as anyone with a general interest in our inshore marine world. My previous bibles have been Alwyne Wheeler’s superb books on fish ID, as well as many others, but this new work sits well alongside those fish ID icons, and will undoubtedly become a major classic in its own right”.

“Although a professional reference work, it is so written that it is easy to understand, even if you are new to targeting species, or simply want a more detailed ID book for the more difficult species you may need to identify. This is a quality work and an essential addition to any keen anglers library!”

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